Utopia. Diptych by Monika Wachowicz and Jarosław Fret

Utopia. Diptych

Sheol and Crumbs complement each other in counterpoint. They do not aspire to be a closed whole. Sheol is vibrating, reflecting the world in a way that needs to be quieted down. In Part 2 of the diptych, Crumbs, we want to do just that.

Mon 20 June 202219:00
Na Grobli Studio

Tickets: 25/35 PLN
Running time: about 130 minutes (with break)

In Polish

view SHEOL project page https://wachowicz.studio/projects/sheol/

view Crumbs project page https://wachowicz.studio/projects/crumbs/

view info at Grotowski Institute http://en.grotowski-institute.pl/wydarzenia/utopia-2/