Thinking of καιρός, I go back to first feelings, first emotions, the world of dreams, all tied together into a Gordian knot in which everything is contained and so everything is possible. There is no separation between night and day, earth and sky, white and black, rich and poor, strong and weak, between what is allowed and what is bad form. The line between land and ocean vanishes.
Kairos is a place where things touch each other on many levels without infringing on any of the coexisting parts. It is like the Anchiskhati Basilica in Tbilisi where the flutter of wings and tears falling from the sky can be heard and where everything is real because I believe in what comes from inside me. When I think of this place, I touch the air with my fingertips, I draw the words now always with my breath.
My heart has been stabbed with a dagger and split into the four sides of the world there καιρός is born:
καιρός, woven from sounds that form an aviary of feelings
καιρός, where the Hymn of Love will be heard for the first time
καιρός, the sounds of the Japanese drum replacing the heartbeat
καιρός, everything is always falling like the cloud of tears in O, Let Me Weep
καιρός, I breathe, I run ‘to rise above the waves of lost time’
I want καιρός the rite of falling to become a rite of freedom.
Monika Wachowicz
The performance/installation Kairos was born out of a fascination with the work of three poets of cinema, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Sergei Parajanov and Andrei Tarkovsky.
Performer Monika Wachowicz
Cooperation: Jarosław Fret

With Hanna Nowicka-Rożeń (alto), Agnieszka Sanocka (cello), Lexo Gremelashvili (Georgian chants), Jakub Karpoluk (Japanese kotsuzumi drum), Amelia Helena Mazur (girl)
Photos on fabric Joanna Nowicka
Music arranger Leszek Kwaśniewicz

In the performance a recording of Ever Homeward by Frank Sinatra and a poem by Paul Celan read by himself are used.

I would like to thank you Marcin „Cozer” Markiewicz for his help in editing the soundtrack of speeches by world leaders of freedom.

Space arranger Jarosław Fret

Stage design made by technical department of the Grotowski Institute directed by Piotr Jacyk.

Premier: 3–4.12.2022, Katowice (Ateneum Silesian Puppet and Actor Theatre in Katowice) and 7.12. 2022, Wrocław. Laboratory Theatre Space, the Grotowski Institute.
Running time 50 minutes

Supported by TEATROGRANTY 2022 Katowice, City of Gardens Katowice and the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław.
Partners: Ateneum Silesian Puppet and Actor Theatre in Katowice, Silesian Library, Porcelana Bogucice and Monika Wachowicz’s Body and Emotion Studio.

C R U M B S and In Suspension

C R U M B S by Monika Wachowicz and Jarosław Fret
25.11.2022 at 19:00 in Teatr A PART
IN SUSPENSION directed by Arti Grabowski
19.12.2022 at 19:00 in Theater Śląski in Katowice


CRUMBS in Delphi

I invite you to the solo performance “Crumbs”, with the collaboration of Jarosław Fret.
9.07.2022 at 21:30 in the Theatre FRYNICHOS in Delphi.

Delphi 7-10 July 2022
The European Cultural Centre of Delphi invites to Delphi the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw to direct an educational programme for young actors and students of Drama Schools, entitled GROTOWSKI: NEXT QUESTIONS.


I am starting work on a new project Kairos/Kαιρός, performances/installation/liturgical drama.

„Because I know that time is always time. And place is always and only place. And what is actual is actual only for one time. And only for one place I rejoice that things are as they are and I renounce the blessèd face. And renounce the voice. Because I cannot hope to turn again. Consequently I rejoice, having to construct something. Upon which to rejoice”

Eliot Thomas Stearns

Production: Katowice Miasto Ogrodów. Teatrogranty 2022.

Premiere scheduled for autumn.
More coming soon.


Utopia. Diptych by Monika Wachowicz and Jarosław Fret

Utopia. Diptych

Sheol and Crumbs complement each other in counterpoint. They do not aspire to be a closed whole. Sheol is vibrating, reflecting the world in a way that needs to be quieted down. In Part 2 of the diptych, Crumbs, we want to do just that.

Mon 20 June 202219:00
Na Grobli Studio

Tickets: 25/35 PLN
Running time: about 130 minutes (with break)

In Polish

view SHEOL project page https://wachowicz.studio/projects/sheol/

view Crumbs project page https://wachowicz.studio/projects/crumbs/

view info at Grotowski Institute http://en.grotowski-institute.pl/wydarzenia/utopia-2/

Performance/art installations CRUMBS in Katowice

I invite you to the performance “Crumbs” on Art in the Service of Spirit and Body/Poland

Idea, realization and installment: Monika Wachowicz
Cooperation: Jarek Fret
Music: Frédéric Chopin, Ballade g-moll op. 23, an excerpt from a song by Murcof, arranged by Mirosław Matyasik, and white hum – sounds from inside the uterus.

Katowice/Poland, 14.10.2021 at 19:00





Theatre study on Death and Love by Monika Wachowicz and Jarosław Fret
Performed by: Monika Wachowicz
Jazz themes arrangement and trumpet improvisation: Marcin Markiewicz //Cozerski
Wrocław premiere: December 3, 2021 at the Grotowski Institute on the stage of the Laboratory Theatre
Katowice premiere: December 8 and 9, 2021 at the Silesian Thatre (Teatr Ślaski) in Katowice – stage at the Gallery, at 3 Maja Street.

More coming soon.


Production: The Grotowski Institute in Wrocław and Katowice Miasto Ogrodów. Teatrogranty 2021.

“The Remains of the life/Crumbs” on 27th International Performing Arts Festival A Part Katowice.

I invite you to the solo performance “The Remains of the life/Crumbs” . 27th International Performing Arts Festival A Part
Katowice, 11-20 of June 2021

18.06. Sala 211 (Katowice Miasto Ogrodów) 6:00 pm
Monika Wachowicz: Crumbs of Life
Performance art/instalation. Solo.
Tickets: 25 PLN. Booking: mailto:rezerwacjeapart@wp.pl.

More about festival: apart.art.pl/en/festival-2021/

More about performance: studiowachowicz.pl/en/the-remains-of-the-lif/

“The Remains of the life/Crumbs” and solo V in Grotowski Institute in Wrocław

“The Remains of the life/Crumbs” and solo V will be professionally recorded in Wrocław as part of the series [off] .REC conducted by the Grotowski Institute.
24 – 27.05.2021

Idea, realization and installation: Monika Wachowicz
Photo exhibition “The Remains of the life continued”: Artur Turek from the solo performance V and The Remains of the life, directed by Monika Wachowicz
The curator of the exhibition: Kamil Myszkowski

More about “The Remains of the life”: studiowachowicz.pl/en/the-remains-of-the-lif/

Solo V
Directing, script, choreography, set desing costume and acting: Monika Wachowicz
More about solo V: studiowachowicz.pl/en/v-solo-project/

Performance The Remains of the life. Premiere

Welcome to the “The Remains of the life” is performance/art installation around the topic of isolation, loneliness and trying to define life, connected with an exhibition of photos Artura Turka.

Idea, realization and installation: Monika Wachowicz
Photo exhibition: Artur Turek from the solo performance V, directed by Monika Wachowicz
The curator of the exhibition: Kamil Myszkowski
Text montage: Marcin ‘Cozer’ Markiewicz

Premiere: 12.03.2021 at 5:00 pm. Korez Theater Gallery in Katowice/Poland
Installation also for visually impaired and deaf people.

Tickets: 25,00zł
Reservation: mailto:web@korez.art.pl