Monika Wachowicz
Studio Ciała i Emocji
facebook: @studiowachowicz
telefon: +48 515 921 993
adres: Katowice, Poland

Body. A Poetic Performance

“Body. A Poetic Performance” is a poetic reading with the elements of performance and installation, created by two sisters: Małgorzata Wachowicz, a psychotherapist, a poet and a passionate of photography and Monika Wachowicz, an actress, a performer and a theater teacher, associated with the Katowice A Part Theater.

Script, costumes, texts and acting: Małgorzata Wachowicz
Directing, choreography and scenography, : Monika Wachowicz
Music: Mirosław Matyasik and The Doors’ song “When The Music’s Over”
Duration of the performance: 35 min
Premiere: November 2015 in Katowice/Poland